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The Incredibles

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Notes: There's something about this story about a very ordinary family with very ordinary problems who also happen to have superpowers that is so intriguing. Each family member evolves and grows throughout the course of the story and the writers even throw in call backs at the beginning of the story that pay off nicely at the end.
Title: The Incredibles
Genre: Superhero
Year: 2004
Runtime: 115 minutes
Author: Karimah Boston
Movie Database: TBD
Screenplay: Brad Bird
Log Line: A family of undercover superheroes, trying to live a quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world
(TBD) Opening Image: Mr. Incredible and several other superheroes give a TV interview about their lives as superheroes
(TBD) Theme Stated: At one point during the interview, Mr. Incredible wonders if the world can ever stay saved
(TBD) Setup: A series of lawsuits and their mega payouts force Mr. Incredible and other superheroes into retirement. Now living under an assumed name and working as an insurance adjuster Mr. Incredible a/k/a Bob Parr is bored, stifled and unfulfilled. His son Dash also yearns to use his abilities. His daughter Violet wishes she were normal and his wife Helen a/k/a Elastagirl just wants her family to be happy
(TBD) Catalyst: Bob receives a secret package from the mysterious Mirage asking him to use his superpowers to help her organization solve a major problem
(TBD) Debate: There's not much to debate. One quick look at the many headlines from his heyday trumpeting his heroic efforts and Bob is ready to go back into action
(TBD) Break Into Two: Bob flies to a tropical island where he fights, and beats, a powerful robot
(TBD) B Story: Rejuvenated by his success, Bob becomes a new man
(TBD) Fun and Games: Soon he starts flirting with his wife, working out and spending more time with his family. Bob takes his damaged suit to Edna who relishes the idea of designing a new suit for Bob even though all she wants is a patch job. As long as she is designing a new suit, Bob requests a cape. She refuses and gives him several examples why capes are a bad idea. (Once again, an important call back is buried in a light-hearted section of the script)
(TBD) Midpoint: Surface to air missles shoot down the plane carrying Helen, Dash and Violet
(TBD) Bad Guys Close In: Helen saves her children then heads to the island where the missiles were launched. She tells the children that their father is in serious trouble and they are going to have to use their superpowers without hesitation. Helen locates Bob. Meanwhile, Dash and Violet escape from their cave seconds before the afterburn of a booster rocket almost incinerates them. Later brother and sister wake in the forest to a parrot camera that soon sounds an alarm. The children run for it. Back at the villain's lair, Bob and Helen realize the children have triggered the alarm. They take off after them. The family is reunited but soon captured by Syndrome
(TBD) All Is Lost: The family is involved in a car crash that would kill an ordinary family but they simply laugh it off
(TBD) Dark Night of the Soul: Though Bob recognized that his selfishness almost cost him his family, he instinctively reverts back to going it alone until his wife challenges him by asking 'what am I supposed to do stand helplessly on the sidelines?' Bob admits he's not strong enough to lose her or the children again
(TBD) Break into Three: Violet's scream of terror alerts Bob and Helen to the robots attack
(TBD) Finale: Despite everyone using their superpowers against it, the robot is unstoppable until Bob recalls how he first defeated it and realizes the only thing powerful enough to defeat the robot is itself. Using Syndrome's remote the supers work together to launch the robots hand toward the robot, destroying it. Just when the family feels certain they've defeated their foes they return home to find Syndrome holding baby JackJack. Syndrome threatens to raise the baby as his sidekick then takes off toward his plane. Once again, the Incredibles must work together to save JackJack. Syndrome is defeated exactly as Edna predicted earlier.
(TBD) Final Image: The family is better than when the story started. Dash is on the track team, Violet is confident in herself and Bob is finally engaged with his family. As they leave the track meet though, the Underminer emerges threatening the city. The family has certainly grown because without having to ask Helen, JackJack, Dash and Violet already have their masks on ready to fight
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