The Cutting Edge

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TitleThe Cutting Edge
GenreBuddy Love - Romantic Love
Movie DatabaseTBD
Log LineTBD
Moral Premise{{{MoralPremise}}}
Opening Image1Skating rink, center ice, cold and dark; a skater skates in, turns, stops, skate edge cutting ice
Theme Stated5Doug Dorsey's big brother Walt asks 'What makes you so special?'
Setup1-10Hockey player and playa Doug Dorsey injured during hard-hitting Olympic hockey game; Kate Moseley, pampered ice princess, gone cold in quest for Olympic gold
Catalyst12Kate's coach Anton Pamchenko introduces Kate to Doug, 2 years before next Olympics
Debate12-25Can Kate deal with Doug's Neanderthal tendencies? Can Doug adapt to figure skating? Can they be What's so special about each other?
Break Into Two25Kate's father, Jack, buys Doug off after failed first-meeting with Kate, 'can't find a go-to guy...' Doug impresses Jack with his ability to handle pressure
B Story30Doug and Kate begin to bond during early training; 'Man and woman are like flower. Doug is stem, Kate is petals. Together, we make love.' Kate has a fiancee, Hale, in Europe
Fun and Games30-55Training montage, Doug takes a beating; Doug and Kate play hockey, Doug takes a beating; Doug's freedom, college days vs Kate's tutors, isolation; Christmas gift exchange: Kate gets Doug's prize Bobby Hull sweater, Doug gets Great Expectations; Doug meets Hale for New Years
Midpoint55Doug and Kate 'skate' around holiday party; awkward near-kiss on New Years Eve
Bad Guys Close In55-75Hale proposes to Kate, she accepts; Doug takes a beating; Kate's ex-trainer, Rick, returns to ridicule Kate; Doug secretly falls for Kate; Doug returns home for holidays, tells family about figure skating; prep for National Olympic trials, meet competing US teams including Kate's ex-partner, Brian and his hot new partner, Lori
All Is Lost75Nationals go OK, Doug and Kate skate well, tension puts them in 3rd place; technical error costs 2nd place team points, moves Doug and Kate to Olympics!
Dark Night of the Soul75-85Doug and Kate celebrate with drinks; Kate takes a beating; Doug rejects Kate's drunken advances; Kate finds Doug with Lori; Kate takes a beating; Anton introduces Pamchenko twist, risky Special Move for Olympic win; Kate takes a beating; 'Go-to guy? Shoulda got a go-to girl!' Kate plans to retire after Olympics
Break into Three85Russian team steals pre-show spotlight from Team America, Kate and Doug, Brian and Lori
Finale85-110Olympic figure skating Night #1, short-program; Kate and Doug skate well, but lack of passion hurts scores, place in Top 3; Doug reveals love for Kate; Doug and Kate skate passionately; Pamchenko twist scores big
Final Image110Center ice, Doug and Kate kiss, love wins
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