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The Abyss

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TitleThe Abyss
GenreDude with a Problem - Epic Problem
Runtime171 Mins
Movie DatabaseTBD
Log LineTBD
Moral Premise{{{MoralPremise}}}
Opening Image1A US Nuclear sub tracks an underwater anomaly. Sub disabled, sunk due to interference and wake of the anomaly. Somebody mentions new Russian weapon
Theme Stated8Hey, They're coming... (innocent Russians, aggressive Americans, Navy SEALS, ex-wives, oh and aliens) Basically this comment sets up all the challenges the deep-core crew will have to face and work together to overcome in the next 163 minutes (that's right, the uncut version runs nearly 3 hours, folks!)
Setup1-16Innocent hero deep-core oil rigger Virgil 'Bud' Brigman and crew asked to deal with the sudden event of losing a nuclear sub in the Abyssal Trench; recon, recover Navy sub with a team of Navy SEALs; Bud's crew isn't pleased about doing the Navy's work, but Bud hopes they can work together to get the job done; SEALs believe reports that sub was sunk by a new Russian secret weapon; a rogue hurricane is moving in, so time with surface support is short
Catalyst19Bud's ex-wife Lindsey delivers the SEALs and takes charge of the rig (she designed) for the mission; this does not sit too well with Bud or any of his loyal crew of drillers, raises doubt about the ability to work as a team to accomplish the mission objectives
Debate19-39Who's in charge? Bud? Lindsey? SEAL team? or someone (or something) else?
Break Into Two40Lindsey allows Bud to control his crew, while Lindsey looks after safety and security of oil rig, SEALs do whatever they do to prep for 'the mission' assumed to be recon, rescue but also to involve a certain recovery; rig arrives at The Abyss with the 'teams' compartmentalized in more ways than one, not really working together, but not causing too much trouble... for now...
B Story47Bud and Lindsey's strained marriage, Bud resists divorce, still wears his wedding band; US and Russia move toward war over deep sea incident to mirror the strain going on on the ocean floor, promise of the premise is delievered as Bud and Lindsey work thru their difficulties while working together on the recon and recovery mission in the Abyss
Fun and Games47-86Hippy's rat breathes underwater, extended recon and rescue mission to nuclear sub; alien probe makes contact with Lindsey, SEALs go after nukes on sub
Midpoint86Approaching hurricane and SEAL interference while recovering nukes pushes deep-core rig to the edge of the Abyss, while tension on the surface and on the rig are also pushed to limits; again, teams not working together to get thigns done, this time, near-catastrophic problems arise
Bad Guys Close In86-117Lindsey and Hippy configure Big Geek probe to descend into Abyss to make contact with aliens; the dragging of the rig causes structural damage, hull ruptures, blast doors seal to protect sections to sustain life on the rig; some crew drown, trapped as rig compartments flood; Bud is spared from drowning by his wedding ring (faith and love conquers all), but deep-core loses surface contact, power, oxygen; Lindsey encounters alien again while recovering external oxygen tanks; A & B stories cross as Alien probe visits deep-core rig, reveals itself to everyone onboard; Bud and Lindsay must come together in a united front to calm the deep-core crew and settle the twitchy SEALs; SEAL team leader goes crazy over alien probe encounter and deep-sea sickness; Russians and American Navy forces posture for war
All Is Lost117Coffey and SEAL team hijack Big Geek, hold deep-core crew hostage to send nuke into Abyss to destroy aliens
Dark Night of the Soul117-132A & B stories continue to dance as Bud and Lindsey convince remaining SEALs that Coffey is nutty; Bud and Lindsay chase Coffey in mini-sub confrontation; Lindsey drowns in sub-to-sub conflict with Coffey; Lindsey rescued and revived by Bud's strength and love; Coffey gets creamed, dies, but Big Geek takes nuke into the Abyss
Break into Three132Bud suits up in deep-core diving gear, breathes water like Hippy's rat did, descends 5 miles down into the Abyss to disarm nuke
Finale132-166War between US and Russia is ready to start, over nothing but a misunderstanding, miscommunication, inability to work together to resolve conflict peacefully; mysterious weather raises massive tidal waves on ever coast of every continent around the world; Bud saved aliens, aliens save Bud, Bud and aliens save deep-core crew, aliens save humanity from ourselves, tidal waves recede as mysteriously as they arrive, and the debate stirred by the theme (Hey, they're coming! But, Who's in charge?) is answered...
Final Image171As alien ship returns Bud, Lindsay and crew to the surface, A & B stories merge and we're reminded that we're all in charge of our own lives, but there's always someone watching, so we gotta work together and communicate openly and honestly to solve our problems as peacefully as possible...
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