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Notes: John (Paul Walker), Jake (Michael Ealy), Jesse (Chris Brown), A.J. (Hayden Christensen, Jack (Matt Dillon) and Gordon (Idris Elba). The writers must have run out of names starting with J for Idris' character.
Title: Takers
Genre: Golden Fleece
Year: 2010
Runtime: 107
Author: Karimah Boston
Movie Database: TBD
Screenplay: Peter Allen, Gabriel Casseus, John Lussenhop and Avery Duff
Log Line: A group of bank robbers find their multi-million dollar plan interrupted by a hard boiled detective
(TBD) Opening Image: Hard boiled detective Jack Welles looks like shit and his partner isn't afraid to tell him so.
(TBD) Theme Stated: While I am thoroughly convinced the theme of this movie is found in the B Story when lead thief Gordon reminds his compatriots "we're takers gents. It's what we do for a living" this violates Blake Snyder's rules that the theme should be stated in the first five minutes by someone other than the main character so that leaves Detective Hatcher's question to his partner, "You really wanna mess with this low level shit?"
(TBD) Setup: This is a highly skilled and well rehearsed group of robbers as evidenced by their well timed and thought out robbery of California Federal Bank. Notice that in this set up, there is nothing really wrong with these guys, nothing that they need to work on changing so instead the set up shows just how skilled, thoughtful, careful and prudent these guys are which leads to...
(TBD) Catalyst: former member Delonte Rivers a/k/a Ghost, released a year early from a 5 year prison sentence. Out less than 24 hours, he hits up his old team with a plan for an armoured car heist
(TBD) Debate: The men literally debate whether or not to take the job. Is it too soon for another job, is the money from the heist worth the risk and can they even pull it off with so little time to prepare?
(TBD) Break Into Two: Ghost sells the men on his plan and has answer for every question raised during the debate. Gordon encourages them to take a chance because, "we're takers."
(TBD) B Story: Gordon meets with his sister Naomi, a recovering drug addict. She's anxious to get out and return "home" the last place where she felt truly happy. Gordon hugs his sister promising to take her back there as soon as possible.
(TBD) Fun and Games: The men prepare for the heist planning the escape, surveilling the route and unafraid to get dirty if it means a million dollar pay off. Oh yeah, A.J. loses it.
(TBD) Midpoint: Gordon receives a call from the police that his sister has been picked up along with another junkie
(TBD) Bad Guys Close In: Gordon and Jack just miss each other. Jack was called in because the junkie was found with large denominations of bills which the arresting officer suspects could only have come from a big bank robbery. Jack questions the junkie who reveals he got it from Naomi Cozier. It's confirmation of Jack's theory all along, Gordon Cozier is involved despite what his clean criminal record would suggest. They re-examine their evidence while the Takers go forward with their bank robbery but the robbery is complicated when the truck stops short of it's mark, the signal to blow the explosive is given prematurely and Detective Weller recognizes Jesse as he tries to escape via subway. Jesse takes off and Weller and Hatcher give chase.
(TBD) All Is Lost: With no way out, Jesse shoots Hatcher. Jesse's fate is sealed.
(TBD) Dark Night of the Soul: The Takers are attacked by Russian mobsters.
(TBD) Break into Three: Ghost's true plan for revenge is revealed when Jake's fiance, and Ghost's former girlfriend, Lily is found murdered. The police close in on the brothers at their club and the two, unwilling to go to jail, decide to die in a shoot out with the police
(TBD) Finale: Gordon discovers Jack snooping in his penthouse. He leaves before Jack can arrest him and finds Naomi waiting for him by his car. Jack rushes downstairs in time to see Gordon drive away. Jack gives chase. Meanwhile, John calls Gordon believing Ghost doesn't just want his cut of the money, he's going after all of it which means Scott, their accountant, is in danger.
(TBD) Final Image: Gordon and John take the money and run.
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