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GenreMonster in the House - Pure Monster
Movie DatabaseTBD
Log LineTBD
Moral Premise{{{MoralPremise}}}
Opening Image1Dutch in a chopper with his team.
Theme Stated28TBD You used to be somebody I could trust." The value of being trustworthy and having people we can trust in our lives, as opposed to being unreliable or using people, or generally thinking we don't need others.
SetupTBDWe meet all the team members, even the alien. A team of soldiers going on a rescue mission.
Catalyst12They find the chopper and realize it's no ordinary army taxi, and it was hit with advanced, heat-seeker tech (apparently, in the 80s that was cutting edge military tech). There's something they haven't been told. The world of the hero has suddenly changed; this is far from an ordinary rescue mission.
DebateTBD"Remember Afghanistan?" "I'm trying to forget." They wonder whether they might get in big trouble. They find the skinned bodies, the alien's handiwork, and wonder what is going on. The question of the Debate is what is going on here. Are they in deep trouble or not?
Break Into Two22They find the hostages and move to rescue them. A big action whammy, right with the beginning of Fun And Games.
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B StoryTBDIt's the relationship between Dutch and Dillon, and here's where the theme is mostly explored. Dutch and Dillon have a bond of trust that Dillon breaks. Dillon regrets it, giving his life to make up for it.
Fun and GamesTBDThe team is trapped and isolated in the dense jungle, all because of Dillon's "sin" of being untrustworthy and a poor friend. The alien is watching them, about to strike at any moment. He kills two members of the team. We learn many things about the alien's nature until, just prior to the Midpoint, we get a full glimpse of the creature.
Midpoint46The team sweeps the jungle with a powerful array of gunfire. All together, it's almost like they try to tear down the jungle. This is also a moment of grace, in which the truth of the theme is offered to Dillon and the audience. All Mac has to do is shout, and the entire team comes immediately to his aid. They rely on each other and watch each other's back. It's nice to have friends.
Bad Guys Close InTBDDutch realizes that the alien won't let them leave. If they continue they're bound to die. They have to take precautions and confront the creature, hoping they'll still be alive when the chopper arrives. They also realize that "There's somethin' out there waiting for us... And it ain't no man." The motivation of the alien is revealed. It's a threat to the area, killing people and making trophies of them. This means they're not only fighting for themselves, they fight to free an area from a killer.
All Is Lost70Mac and Dillon are killed. Their plan fails, and turns out the alien was taking them for a ride all along. This moment is the inverse of the Midpoint. In the Midpoint they were all together, watching each other's back, sweeping the jungle with concentrated gunfire. Now the team is separated, and the alien slashes them one by one.
Dark Night of the SoulTBDThe rest of the team is wiped out. A disarmed Dutch desperately runs for his life. Plunges into a river. Comes face to face with the alien.
Break into Three77"He couldn't see me." Dutch realizes the limitations of the alien's vision.
FinaleTBDDutch prepares to fight the alien. He calls him and a showdown ensues. There's a Dig Deep Down when Dutch loses the cover of the mud and is at the alien's mercy.
Final ImageTBDDutch in a chopper alone but has remained loyal to his friends' memory. Dutch doesn't arc. He portrays the theme's positive side from the very beginning. He's dependable and trustworthy ("My men are not expendable"), and in the Finale he initiates a confrontation with the creature that killed his friends.
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NotesThe reality of the story is introduced right from the set-up by showing the alien spaceship.

The cat is saved just through dialogue, mentioning something Dutch did in the past, which speaks volumes about his character. "Why'd you pass on Libya?" Dutch lights his cigar and says, "We're a rescue team... Not assassins."

The isolated, claustrophobic jungle functions as a perfect trap. The establishing shots show a jungle where you can't see far due to the density of the place. This is the alien creature's element. He uses the trees to his advantage and he's able to camouflage himself and become one with the jungle.

The "sin" is revealed (min 28), when we learn that Dillon "cooked up a story and dropped them in a meat grinder." Dillon betrayed their trust. "You used to be somebody I could trust." If Dillon hadn't done that, they wouldn't end up isolated in the jungle. The "monster" is in the jungle, but it's the "sin" that trapped them here with the monster. (min 8) We see the lighter signifying that Dutch and Dillon have a bond of trust created by their common past. "Me and Dutch both got one." It's that bond of trust that Dillon has broken. A moment of grace occurs (min 31), Mac killing a scorpion, and the truth of the theme is offered to Dillon as well as to the audience. (min 49) One more moment of clarity: "He was... my friend." (min 64) Dillon shows his regret by going to get Mac. Dillon and Mac attempt to take out the alien by themselves instead of sticking with the team. They leave behind the people they can trust and try to "settle their scores". As a result they get killed. During Break Into Three, Dutch has the chance to escape, but instead confronts the alien, remaining loyal to the memory of his friends. As a result he kills the alien and frees the area from being the creature's hunting ground. In a way the alien embodies the vice side of the theme, by hunting alone. He's got no friends to rely on, no one to watch his back. He displays an arrogance.

We are engaged in curiosity about the "monster"; its nature is gradually revealed. (min 61) The woman functions as the "Half-Man" (actually she's the only woman in the group and the only one who's not a trained soldier capable of defending herself). She reveals the "mythology" of the monster. It comes during hot seasons to hunt in the area. Even though the monster is an alien, its motivation is very primal and we can all recognize it. The key phrase is: "The demon who makes trophies of man." It hunts and makes trophies of its victims. It's essentially a quest to acquire status.
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