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TitleOffice Space
GenreInstitutionalized – Business Institution
Runtime89 min
AuthorKenny Powers
Movie Databasehttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0151804/
ScreenplayLooking for good version
Log LineLater
Moral Premise{{{MoralPremise}}}
Opening Image1Peter Gibbons sits in his car in the middle of traffic gridlock. An elderly man passes him in a walker - Peter clearly isn't going anywhere.
Theme Stated8During their coffee break, Peter asks Samir and Michael, "What if we're still doing this when we're 50?"
Setup1-12Peter arrives at work and his two colleagues, Michael and Amir share his disdain for their environment. Work sucks. They go out for a coffee break at Chotchkie's and Peter reveals his infatuation with Joanna, a waitress.
Catalyst13Peter's coworker, Tom, informs him that everyone will soon have to interview with efficiency experts to keep their jobs.
Debate13-24Peter, Michael, and Samir contemplate what life would be like with a million dollars. Peter comes home and we meet his next door neighbor, Lawrence, a construction worker who is happy with his job. Peter's boss, Lumbergh, makes him work on Saturday.
Break Into Two24Peter attends a hypnotherapy class and when Dr. Swanson dies from a heart attack, he is stuck in a state of perpetual indifference for the things he doesn't feel like doing.
B Story30Peter meets Joanna at Flingers for lunch. He reveals his new position: he's going to stop doing things he doesn't feel like doing. Joanna agrees to come over and watch Kung Fu with Peter.
Fun and Games24-45Peter sleeps in the next day and ignores Lumbergh's voicemails. His girlfriend calls and breaks up with him. The efficiency experts (Bob and Bob) begin the first round of interviews. Peter shows up late for work and strolls into his interview. He impresses the Bobs with his candid attitude and convinces them that he "just doesn't care" about his job. Lumbergh attempts to interrogate Peter, but Peter blows right past him, free from his tyranny and in a position of leverage over him. The Bobs confirm Peter's newfound power by challenging Lumbergh's own TPS reports. Peter takes charge in the office, having Lumbergh's car towed, ripping down the cliche motivational banner, gutting a fish on his desk, and tearing down his cubicle wall. His relationship with Joanna grows as they watch Kung Fu and go fishing together.
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Midpoint45The Bobs inform Peter that Initech is going to be firing Michael and Samir. They offer Peter a substantial raise with more responsibility in the company.
Bad Guys Close In46-64Peter tells Michael that he's going to be fired. He motivates him to take action: "human beings were not meant to sit in tiny cubicles and stare at computer screens all day." Michael and Peter share the news with Samir. The three of them agree to upload a virus into Initech's computers that place fractions of the company's cents into their bank accounts until millions are collected. After uploading the virus at their last day of work, Michael and Samir take their pent-up rage out on Initech's printer and fax machine by smashing it to pieces with a baseball bat. Peter tells Joanna about their virus. Tom throws a party thanks to the money he will soon make over a drunk driving lawsuit. Peter learns that Joanna once slept with Lumbergh.
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All Is Lost64Peter has a nightmare about Joanna having sex with Lumbergh.
Dark Night of the Soul65-78Joanna quits her job at Chotchkies. Peter checks his bank statement and realizes that something is wrong; Michael miscalculated and now Initech will know something has happened to its funds. Milton is forced to move his desk to the company's basement and is furious when he doesn't receive any birthday cake. Peter, Samir, and Michael struggle to come up with a solution for hiding the stolen money. They give up when a "drug addicted" magazine salesman introduces himself as a former computer programmer at a similar job. He blackmails Peter into buying magazine subscriptions when Peter shares what happens with him. Michael tells Peter that Joanna slept with another Lumbergh. Peter decides to take the blame and writes a letter of apology to the company and puts it in an envelope with the stolen money. He comes to terms with Joanna, telling her that he may hate his job, but could be happy with his life if he's with her.
Break into Three78Peter slides the letter of apology and stolen money envelope under Lumbergh's door.
Finale79-88Milton talks to payroll about his missing checks. When payroll shrugs him off, Milton opens Lumbergh's office door and finds the stolen money. Peter tells Lawrence goodbye...but when Peter returns to Initech, it's on fire! Peter has become magically exonerated! Flash forward a few weeks...Peter is now a construction worker, working alongside Lawrence cleaning up the Initech rubble. Michael and Samir drive up and greet Michael, offering him a job at Initrode. Peter declines - he's clearly at peace with his new job.
Final Image89Milton relaxes at the beach. A waiter brings him a margarita, and Milton complains about the poor service. The beautiful blue sky is a nice contrast to the ugly gridlock found in the film's opening image.
NotesThis was a difficult movie to categorize with the BS squared. I originally thought the catalyst was when Peter goes into a stupor following the hypnotherapy session, but after comparing my notes with BS' own breakdown of the film, I decided to change the catalyst to the news that the employees of Initech will soon be interviewing to save their jobs. I found it interesting to note that Peter doesn't take action to save himself; rather, he's saved by a secondary character. Normally, this makes us want to tear our hair out, but for some reason, it works. In fact, the twist is satisfying because in a way, a secondary fool proves triumphant - something you don't see very often.
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