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Moral Premises

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Below are some sample Moral Premises from Stan Williams as well some local user contributions.

Films with a Moral Premise
[Vice] leads to [defeat]; but [virtue] leads to [success]
Film Moral Premise
300 Vainglory in service of self leads to enslavement; but Humility in service of others leads to freedom.

Moral compromise, even if politically expedient, leads to enslavement and dread; but executing justice, even if politically suicidal, leads to liberty, and hope.

A Beautiful Mind Depending only on others for our well-being leads to impotency; but taking personal responsibility for our well-being leads to productivity
An Officer and a Gentleman Honest friendships and counselors lead to hope and life; but dishonest friendships and counselors lead to despair and death
Apocalypto Succumbing to fear leads to destruction; but chasing courage leads to a new beginning.
As It Is In Heaven Pursuit of one's passion with obsession leads to demise; but pursuit of one's passion with balance leads to love.
A Soldier's Promise Commitment without compromise (out of timidity or stubbornness) leads to isolation; but commitment with compromise (out of sacrifice and love) leads to relationship.
Autumn Rains Trusting in your own wisdom and knowledge leads to a dreadful imprisonment; but trusting in God's wisdom and knowledge leads to a pleasant freedom.
Avatar Greed, abuse and disrespect for life and creation leads to dread and destruction; but generosity, kindness and respect for life leads to hope and progress.

Not listening leads to loss, confusion, and prejudice; but listening leads to connection, understanding, and love.

Not listening leads to becoming profoundly lost and confused; but listening leads to deep connection and understanding.

Batman Begins Destructiveness after great loss leads to imbalance and shame; but rebuilding after great loss leads to harmony and respect
Braveheart Compromise of liberty leads to tyranny; but dying for liberty leads to freedom
Bridge to TeraBirthia Meanness leads to a curse of rejection; but compassion leads to the grace of acceptance.

Skepticism leads to dread of a dark tomorrow; but faith leads to the hope of a bright future.

Bruce Almighty Expecting a miracle leads to frustration; but being a miracle leads to peace
Charolette's Web Disrespect for life's miracles leads to loneliness and sadness; but respect for life's miracles leads to friendships and joy.
City Slickers Selfishness leads to sadness and frowns, but selflessness leads to happiness and smiles
City Slickers - Alternate Fidelity to family leads to happiness; but 
infidelity leads to sadness.
Cloverfield Avoiding love selfishly and silently, even in the face of death leads to fear and lost purpose; but pursuing love sacrificially and verbally, even in the face of death leads to hope and heroic purpose.
Crazy Heart Self-hatred leads to a destructive and empty life; but self-love leads to a constructive and fulfilled life
Die Hard Arrogance and self-preservation lead to frustration and defeat; but humility and sacrifice lead to peace and victory

Ignoring our in-born identity through excuse or self-loathing leads to an unhealthy and aimless life; but pursuing our in-born identity with dignity and perseverance leads to a healthy and purposeful life.

Hurricane Hate put me in prison (but) love’s gonna to bust me out.
Hurt Locker Demanding arrogance leads to animosity and hatred; but competent teamwork leads to respect and honor.
Inception Embracing dreams as reality leads to death of a vision; but using dreams as inspiration leads to a vision fulfilled; and embracing reality as a dream leads to a rejection of life.

NESTED PREMISE: Coddling undeserved guilt leads to destructive distractions; but embracing acceptance and forgiveness leads to constructive focus; and a constructive focus leads (allows) inspiration to transform our visions into reality.

In the Bedroom Watching over a child’s well-being leads to health and life; but undermining a child’s well-being leads to sickness and death

Ignoring moral instruction leads to death and bitterness; but flaunting moral instruction leads to killing and dread

Iron Man Selfishness and desire for power lead to death and stripping of title; but selflessness and willingness to give up all for the sake of those defenseless leads to peace and respect.
Levity Truth leads to levity; but deception leads to despair.
Liar Liar Lying leads to distrust and rejection; but telling the truth leads to trustworthiness and admiration
Men in Black II Pursuing who you aren't or doing what you shouldn't leads to danger for yourself and all of earth;

but pursuing who are meant to be or doing what you should (by the book) leads to safety for yourself and all of earth.

Pretending who you are not, leads to danger; but being who truly are leads to safety.

Ordinary People Embracing idealism and demanding perfection leads to the repression of feelings, and the loss of love, friendship, and happiness; but embracing reality and allowing imperfection leads to the expression of feelings, and secures love, friendship, and happiness.

Demanding perfection leads the loss of love and friendship; but allowing imperfection leads to the gain of love and friendship.

Petticoat Ranch Seeking revenge leads to destitution; but seeking justice leads to satisfaction
Ratatouille Living as if only an elite class can "cook" leads to despair; but living as if anyone can "cook" leads to hope
Superman II Pretending to be someone we’re not leads to fragility; but being whom we were made to be leads to superlatives.
Terminator II Selfishness leads to death; but sacrifice leads to life
The Pillars of the Earth Wickedness leads to years of darkness; but holiness leads to years of blessing.

(after generations of hardship and testing, I might add)

The Blind Side Courage to pursue what is foolish leads to death; but courage to pursue what is important leads to honor.
The Dark Knight Revengeful, self-service leads to nihilistic desperation; but sacrificial public service leads to purposeful hope.
The Descent

Feeding an inflated ego leads to danger; but following people with inflated egos leads to death.

The Help Cowardice (to love our enemies and tell the truth) leads to dread of tyranny; but courage (to love our enemies and tell the truth) leads to hope of freedom
The Incredibles Battling adversity alone leads to weakness and defeat; but battling adversity as a family leads to strength and victory
The Karate Kid (2010) Disrespect for what we don’t know leads to getting knocked down; but respect for what we need to learn leads to getting back up.
The Pledge Child abuse and murder leads to a quick end in the fires of hell; but keeping your word to find justice leads to drunken insanity. (FALSE PREMISE)
Warrior (2011) Bitterness leads to hatred and separation; but
 forgiveness leads to love and relationship.
What Women Want Arrogantly listening to self leads to superficial relationships (disrespect); but humbly listening to others leads to super "real" relationships (respect)
Winter's End Bitterness toward those that hurt us leads to confusion and separation; but forgiveness of those that hurt us leads to purpose and attachment.
Wild Hogs Avoiding the wilderness and ignoring our fears leads to insecurity and stress; but venturing into the wilderness and confronting our fears leads to confidence and peace.
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