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Welcome to Wiki Screenplay.

This site is committed to supporting the enterprise of quality storytelling - particularly through the medium of film. This is a wiki, which is a website specifically designed to evolve from visitor involvement and input. There is no official WikiScreenplay team developing this website - the work you see here is work offered by WSP visitors. I will and have posted BS's of some films, particularly in the Rite of Passage genre, but everyone visiting who registers an account may update our films list by BS Genre or submit a complete BS2 for a favourite film of theirs. I am hoping to eventually have an extensive library of BS's and films for visitors to explore here. :)

Thank you in advance for contributing. :)

- William

Film Compendium Project

We are currently building an extensive list of films categorized by genre using the Blake Snyder model.

We currently have 30+ beatsheets submitted.

Please take some time to review our list, make suggestions, or add one of your favorites. :)

Film Genres

Blake Snyder categorizes films into one of ten different genres listed below

Film Beats

The Blake Snyder Model includes fifteen key story beats for a quality film. Feel free to review these before submitting a film beat sheet to our compendium.

  1. Opening Image (1):
  2. Theme Stated (5):
  3. Set-Up (1-10):
  4. Catalyst (12):
  5. Debate (12-25):
  6. Break into Two (25)
  7. B Story (30):
  8. Fun and Games (30-55):
  9. Midpoint (55):
  10. Bad Guys Close In (55-75):
  11. All Is Lost (75):
  12. Dark Night of the Soul (75-85):
  13. Break into Three (85):
  14. Finale (85-110):
  15. Final Image (110):

Screenwriter Software

William is currently working on Screenwriter - a screenplay outlining product that will help writers get a solid outline and three act structure setup that they can manipulate at multiple levels of design.


  • Complete Screenplay layout in Treeview mode
  • Structure your Screenplay into Acts, Sequences, Scenes, and Beat units
  • Detailed Information Record for each level of architecture - Screenplay, Sequence, Scene, and Beat records
  • Create as many sequences as you like, even add sequences into sequences to allow for a multi-level structure
  • Detailed tracking for storyline, setup and payoff, conflicts, sound and image systems
  • Detailed Outliner control and Conflict Map control

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