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GenreMonster in the House - Serial Monster
Movie DatabaseTBD
Log LineTBD
Moral Premise{{{MoralPremise}}}
Opening ImageTBDThe heroes've just arrived in Amsterdam. "Red light district. Time for sneepur."
Theme Stated2"Did we come to Europe just to smoke pot?" Is that what life's

all about? Having as much "fun" as possible, having your sights on banging as many chicks as you can, and being absorbed with taking as much pleasure out of life as you can get your hands on? Is that the way to live our lives? We're

about to find out...
SetupTBDThe heroes are irrensponsible hedonists. That's the "sin". They go to a

club, try to score, they admire their friend from Iceland who's already having sex with a girl. "He's a fucking genius!" Then it's off to a whorehouse. These are their values, and the ones that are going to lead them inside the "monster's

Catalyst11"You go to this hostel, you will have any girl you want." Let's

go to Slovakia. The "monster" lures them taking advantage of their "sin". The

monster knocks, and the heroes willingly open the door.
DebateTBDThe Debate is essentially a flirtation with the "monster". It's how the monster

traps the heroes in that village. When they first arrive they have reservations. But then they see the beautiful village and the lovely receptionist. The girls they meet are full of sexual promises... and they deliver. This is one friendly monster! And one that's hard to resist... The question is, was it a right

decision to come here?
Break Into Two21The heroes go out with the girls. They play right into the hands of the of the bad guys.
Fun and GamesTBDThis section is about how the "monster" traps the heroes. It's

also about revealing the nature of the "monster" as we realize that the two girls are working for the bad guys, and even the hostel is just a front for the operation of luring and abducting tourists. The heroes have a night of lovemaking with the two girls, and in the morning a mesmerized Hernandez says: "We're never leaving here!" Oli's kidnapped and killed. The guys decide to stay

one more night, and are subsequently drugged by the girls.
Midpoint43The bad guy opens the door for the hero and tells him he's free to go. Right in the middle of the film.
Bad Guys Close InTBDThings cannot get any worse for the hero, and the stakes

cannot be raised any more. So what do you do? An unsuspecting Hernandez asks around about his friend. And then he willingly lets the girl lead him into the building where the actual killings take place, where we, the audience, know he'll be captured and tortured. Since the bad guys won't tighten the noose, Roth has his unsuspecting hero tighten the noose himself. Hernandez's almost asking for it. The girl tries to dissuade him, it's like she almost feels sorry for him for a second! But he won't listen. He practically begs her to lead him to his

doom, and get a nice bonus for herself.
All Is Lost55Hernandez is captured. The "whiff of death" is seeing the dead body of his, uh, buddy.
Dark Night of the SoulTBDOkay, this is painfully obvious. No comment necessary.
Break into Three62A chance for Hernandez to escape. This chance is created

when the bad guy ungags him, which eventually makes him slip and fall. He ungags him cause he doesn't want him to die just yet. (It's the bad guy's obsessive

pursuit of pleasure which leads him to his doom.)
FinaleTBDThe actual operation is not taken down, but all the bad guys we met

during the film are dispatched. Every last one of them, even the guy who

initially led the heroes to Slovakia.
Final Image86A transformed hero leaving Slovakia. The suit and tie function

here as symbols of maturity.

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NotesThe "trap" is the rooms in which the torture take place. Before that, it's the

heroes' desires which keep them "trapped" in that tiny village in the middle of nowhere. They have the chance to leave but they don't, cause the girls, in a way, keep them trapped there. The "sin" is that the heroes are irresponsible. Europe is a huge playground for them. It's all about getting stoned and having sex. It's the heroes' hedonism which takes them to that small village, and ultimately the cause of their misfortune. It's what makes them willingly go to the "monster's lair" and it is what keeps them trapped there. The ultimate expression of this irrensposibility is the guy from Iceland, the self-proclaimed "king of the Swing". He's the guy who easily scores at the club. He's got lots of experience at this; he knows how to quickly spot the girl who's willing to make out in a bathroom with a stranger. The others are surprised to find out he has a daughter, and his irrensposibility is clearly laid before us when we learn he's a father. The hero is also an irresponsible hedonist. We get that from the set up. He's eager to smoke pot, to have sex in the brothel, and later he's the one who insists that they stay in the village one more day so that they spend one more night with the girls they met. (min 29) He tells the story of the little girl who got drowned, and how he had nightmares hearing over and over the screams of the little girl's mother. He felt he could've done more. (min 71) There's a very good scene, in which the hero comes face to face with a guy who's about to make his first kill. That's a scene where the hero arcs and is transformed. The guy is excited. He came here to get a rush. He tells him: "I've been all over the world. I've been everywhere. And the bottom line's, pussy's pussy. Every strip club, every whorehouse... It's all the same shit. I just fucked a girl two days ago, and I can't remember the color of her tits." The hero looks at him, disgusted. But it's more than that. The hero sees in that guy a future version of himself. He sees how he might end up if he keeps being the person he is now, and he doesn't like it one bit. Hernandez's expression in that scene is priceless: He looks at this guy and he knows he sees himself in him. It's more than fear; it's recognition. (min 74) The hero has a clear chance to escape, but he hears a girl's screams coming from inside, and runs back inside to help her, even though he could escape. He has the chance to leave from that horrible place, and yet he turns back and takes a big risk to help the girl. He's been transformed. He's not

irresponsible anymore.
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