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GenreMonster in the House - Serial Monster
Runtime131 mins
Movie Databasehttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0212985/
Log LineTBD
Moral Premise{{{MoralPremise}}}
Opening ImageTBDClarice sleeping just before a big operation while everyone's on edge. She's a tough chick. Clarice doesn't arc.
Theme StatedTBDThere's not a definite theme statement that stands out, except

maybe when Clarice says, (min 13) "You want it, seize it." That is the theme and

what the story discusses. Avarice.
SetupTBDWe meet Clarice and learn where she works, what she does, and how she

survives in a man's world by being better than the men around her. The cat is saved twice: Clarice orders them to call off the operation cause she doesn't want to risk a baby's life. This shows she's a principled person, not a ladder-climbing bitch. In the next scene, Clarice is unjustly accused for the operation's failure, but we know she's not to blame. We also meet the rich guy,

Mason Verger, who seems to have a fascination with Lecter.

Clarice is notified that Verger has some new info on Lecter, and

he'll only share it with her.
DebateTBDClarice visits Verger, dusts off the Lecter case, but finds no definite

leads. We also find out where Lecter resides. All Clarice learns are stories about Lecter's past, most notably how Verger ended up like this. But nothing that could help catch Lecter. It's more of a trip down memory lane than an investigation.The question of the Debate is: Is there any chance of catching

Lecter? Is there anything that could lead to him?
Break Into TwoTBD34

Clarice recieves the letter and knows that the hunt is on. Fun and games begins, signaled by Lecter's words: "... I'm sure we're going to

have a lot of fun. Ta-ta. H." The investigation kicks off.
B StoryTBDThe relationship between Lecter and the Italian cop who's trying to

catch him. The theme is shown more clearly here. It's about avarice. Both the Italian cop and Clarice's FBI partner are avaricious. Both are after money, and their avarice makes them do immoral things which, in turn, leads to their doom.

They become "rude", and we know that Lecter "hates rude people"!
Fun and GamesTBDThe fun Lecter promised is cut short though. We came to see the

movie cause we wanted to see Clarice hunting Lecter and the two of them interacting, and instead we watch some Italian cop trying to catch him. The B Story dominates the Fun And Games section, and the promise of the premise is left unfulfilled. Clarice is left out of the screen for so long, we almost doubt if she's indeed the protagonist. Furthermore, the "monster" and "trap" elements don't work. Lecter's just trying to evade the police and he isn't out to eat people. He might as well hung a "Do not disturb" sign. No one is trapped; the cop simply tries to apprehend Lecter. Feels more like a detective story than a

Midpoint60The cop tells Verger about Lecter's whereabouts, and they're getting ready to finally catch him.
Bad Guys Close InTBDLecter isn't as unsuspecting as the cop thought. We get hints

during his lecture that he's aware of the plan against him. And in the next scene he attacks the cop. At last, Lecter snaps out of his hibernation, and is out to "get" people. The cop is trapped with Lecter, blinded by his avarice. After an unfulfilling Fun And Games section with a protag who's nowhere near the screen and a passive "monster" who just wants to be left alone, the story "wakes up" and becomes a MITH again. Also, they set up Clarice with the fake postcard

from Lecter.
All Is Lost82Clarice's being placed on "administrative leave". Essentially she's facing the end of her career.
Dark Night of the SoulTBDTBD

Clarice packs her stuff from her office, cleans up the house. Lecter

sneaks into her house.
Break into Three89Clarice receives the call from Lecter and goes to meet him, hoping she might get a chance to apprehend him.
FinaleTBDClarice tries to stop Lecter's kidnappers. Then she goes to Verger's

mansion and tries to apprehend Lecter. She finds herself Lecter's prisoner. Lecter becomes his usual self throughout the Finale and finally we see him and

Clarice talking and interacting, but it all feels a bit too little too late.
Final ImageTBDClarice remains the pincipled, "straight arrow" she was in the beginning. Nobody really arcs.
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