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Eagle Eye

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TitleEagle Eye
GenreDude with a Problem - Spy Problem
Runtime118 mins
Movie Databasehttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1059786/
Log LineTBD
Moral Premise{{{MoralPremise}}}
Opening Image1high-tech US military surgical strike vs suspected terrorist;

POTUS approves strike, against recommendation by Sec-Def and defense computer analysis... though we don't know it at this time, we have just been introduced

to our Antagonist, and seen the seeds of 'her' birth be sown
Theme Stated5At right near 5 minutes in, Sec-Def defends his Abort

recommendation to the President: 'We measure success by the least amount of collateral damage. Fifty-one percent (barely-probable match), the risk is too great...' How much collateral damage is acceptable in any fight? How much do we risk in favor of what level of reward? These themes are challenges met by the leads throughout the story. That would be a theme ARIA challenges, I guess... Another Thematic element kicks off when we are introduced to our Hero, who works at Copy Cabana. "What are you? A man? or a boy?" he asks his poker-playing pals on break... Jerry could be asking himself this very question, and it becomes a Thematic force for Jerry to prove his worth...

Another assault on the them of Jerry's manhood is broached with Jerry's arrival at Ethan's funeral, when the mourners react to his presence. 'I'm not him...' 'I'm not him...' Jerry tries to reconcile himself with family and expectations at Ethan's funeral, and thru the rest of the story, proves his own worth in the shadow of his brother... so, ROP elements creep in as well, as

Jerry comes into himself as a 'family' man...
Setup1 - 11Unmotivated slacker JERRY SHAW struggles to pay rent, no woman

'Late, late, always late with the rent' his land-lady cries. Jerry receives a phone call from a woman, his Mother, informing him of twin brother/Air Force ace

Ethan's death in a car accident
Catalyst12Back home in Chicago, Jerry receives mysterious packages, and

(sudden event) phone call from A Woman warning him to run or be arrested for

Debate13 - 27be a confused coward and run, or be a man and try to find answers

no matter the penalty? Jerry has 30 seconds to make the choice that will change

his life forever...
Break Into Two27Jerry refuse to run, demands answers from Woman (ARIA).

Arrested by FBI, interrogated by lead agent Tom Morgan; Jerry is contacted by

ARIA, invited to flee... and the life-and-death struggle for Jerry Shaw is on
B Story32Rachel Holloman 'activated' by ARIA after sending her son Sam on a

band trip via train to DC; instructed to drive a car or Sam's train will be

derailed... sorta begins the GF road trip aspect of the story
Fun and Games32 - 59Promise of the premise of this 'caper chase flick' is

delivered in a sequence of chases... road-trippin' Rachel meets up with jail-break Jerry after ARIA controls a cell phone and a train to get Jerry to his location; Jerry and Rachel flee Morgan's men to pier; car chase, traffic

lights, garbage cranes help Jerry and Rachel escape off the end of a pier
Midpoint59Travel to discreet rural location, meet Iranian music-store owner

who quits; gives Jerry van keys and an address; Aria instructs Jerry and Rachel

to collect a package and continue toward their destination
Bad Guys Close In60 - 80Air Force investigator Zoey Perez finds evidence

linking Ethan to AF Minuteman project; FBI Morgan links Iranian to music store;

Rachel and Jerry rob an armored truck, acquire time-locked briefcase
All Is Lost80Rachel and Jerry regroup, redress, and meet Aria at an mall

electronics store; race to airport seconds ahead of Morgan and the Feds; stow

away in cargo crate for flight to unknown destination
Dark Night of the Soul80 - 91Jerry and Rachel meet ARIA, super defense analysis

computer system; ARIA initiates plan to eliminate US heads of state, President, key Cabinet members for disobeying ABORT on unconfirmed terrorist leader; A & B

stories split as Jerry and Rachel go their separate ways
Break into Three91Morgan, Perez and Minuteman soldier who knew Ethan Shaw arrive;

Jerry arrested by Morgan, Rachel flees to save her son by completing coup

Finale117ARIA fights back before Perez deactivates her; Morgan helps Jerry

escape to stop ARIA's plot from being completed; A & B stories in head-on collision as Jerry acquires uniform, mans-up, infiltrates Kennedy Center where

Rachel waits for Sam; Jerry sacrifices himself to save Sam, Rachel and President
Final Image118Jerry arrives late for Sam's birthday party, forgiven by Sam and Rachel; signs of starting a normal family
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