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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

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TitleAce Ventura: Pet Detective
GenreWhydunnit - Fantasy Whydunnit
Movie DatabaseTBD
Log LineTBD
Moral Premise{{{MoralPremise}}}
Opening Image1An IPS Delivery Man, plays soccer with the 'package' down the

sidewalk, thru the apartment complex, delivers the badly-damaged package to the owner of a Shi-Tzu puppy; the package recipient is not happy with the tiny dog

or the package or delivery man
Theme Stated4The dog owner discovers his dog has been abducted by the

delievery man who left a stuffed animal and a note: 'You've been had by Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' As Ace flees the scene removing his disguise he reveals the Shi Tzu in his uniform, proclaims: 'In every contest, there must be a

SetupTBD1 - 8
Ace struggles to pay rent, hides many exotic animals from Mr. 

Shickadance, animal-hating landlord; Ace needs a big case to propel him into

fame and fortune or he'll be a loser, just like the landlord
Catalyst9TWO WEEKS UNTIL SUPER BOWL: Snowflake the dolphin, mascot for Miami Dolphins abducted from Dolphin Stadium.
Debate9 - 20Can the Dolphins, including Melissa Robinson and Roger Podacter, trust crazy pet detective Ace? Can Ace solve the case?
Break Into Two21While posing as Snowflake's trainer for the press, Ace earns

respect, finds clue: a small orange gemstone. Ace takes the clue to the police

B Story23Ace encounters resistance from Captain Lois Einhorn who despises Ace

for his cavalier approach to crime-busting; most of Einhorn's underlings side with her in razzing Ace, but not Ace's police pal Emilio; the love-to-hate relationship between Ace and Einhorn plays thru the rest of the story as he tackles the case of the missing mascot, secure in the knowledge that the cops

are more clueless than he is
Fun and Games23-43Thru his sea-life loving pal Woodstock, Ace learns

billionaire Ronald Camp recently purchased dolphin-related equipment. Ace and Melissa pose as a couple to infiltrate Camp's party. After some insane fun inside the party and an outrageously over-acted Mission Impossible-sequence which delivers on the promise of the premise-- that Ace loves animals and this will be a wildly-comical caper with the best (and only) pet detective on the planet-- Ace finds a huge aquatic tank--and a huge shark--but no Snowflake. Ace connects the orange gem to a ring, a 1984 Dolphins AFC Championship ring,

similar to one worn by Ronald Camp.

Ace's investigation into the Dolphins strains his relationship with Melissa; upsets the Dolphins, threatening Ace's fortune if he fails to crack the

Bad Guys Close In43 - 59A & B Stories cross when Roger Podacter is found dead

outside his penthouse apartment, Ace and Melissa infiltrate police investigation of crime scene. Ace proves it was murder, re-establishes trust with Melissa and hatred with Einhorn. To ward off Melissa's flirtatious advances, Ace proclaims 'I don't do humans'; Investigation into Dolphins turns up disgraced kicker, Ray Finkle who was left out of released team photos due to Super Bowl scandal; Ace investigates Finkle's home address out in the sticks. Encounters Finkle's crazy Mom and nervous but nice Dad. Finkle's bedroom is shrine in horror to Dan

All Is LostTBD59

Ace takes Melissa into his protective custody, taking his dark turn as he, in fact, does a human to the tune of 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' while

his animal friends observe
Dark Night of the Soul59 - 66Desperate for answers (but no longer that

desperate thanks to his night of passion with Melissa) Ace has Melissa commit him to Shady Acres hospital. Ray Finkle was a patient at Shady Acres after the shame of missing a Super Bowl winning field goal in 1984. Finkle escaped the hospital years ago, and vanished without a trace. At the hospital, Ace finds a newspaper article linking Finkle to Lt. Einhorn; Einhorn went missing on a hike many years ago as well... Ace realizes it all leads back to the Dolphins and the Super Bowl, and Dan Marino may be in danger, but he can't connect the dots between Finkle and Einhorn, without help. Once more, Ace visits the police, and Einhorn grinds him while Ace grills Einhorn. Einhorn is so impressed with Ace's

prowess, she kisses him long and hard, and her 'gun' digs into Ace's hip.
Break into Three66SUPER BOWL SUNDAY ARRIVES: A & B stories are involved in a

disgusting head-on collision as Ace realizes the big secret of the case-- Finkle IS Einhorn!! Einhorn is Finkle!!-- and after several cleansing showers and

chewing several packs of gum all at once, Ace sets-out to stake-out Einhorn
Finale66 - 84Einhorn leads Ace to a marina warehouse, where Marino and

Snowflake are held. Einhorn calls for back-up, reports that she has the kidnapper cornered and it is Ace Ventura! When back-up and Melissa arrive, Ace

reveals Einhorn's masquerade, saves Marino and Snowflake
Final Image86Ace on the case, stalks a rare pigeon during Super Bowl, leads

to 15-minutes of fame on Jumbotron screen while Ace beats up the Eagles mascot

after the mascot shoos the priceless prize pigeon away
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