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Above the Law

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TitleAbove the Law
GenreDude with a Problem - Spy Problem
Movie DatabaseTBD
Log LineTBD
Moral Premise{{{MoralPremise}}}
Opening Image1Nico Toscani voice-over testimonial about his childhood, education and development as martial-artist, leading to recruitment into the CIA
Theme Stated5Nico explains that 'No one is above the law...' The rest of the story sets out to prove that theme as drug dealers, gun runners, government agents-- and even Nico himself!-- run into trouble with various levels of law enforcement and must defend themselves and their rights and freedoms under the laws of the land.
Setup1-9Innocent hero CIA agent Nico Toscani quits Agency after bad scene in Cambodia. His pal Nelson introduces him to an information-extractor called Zagon who sadistically tortures and drugs a local for information regarding a drug operation run by Zagon, which Nico thinks is nuts. Some years later, now a Chicago cop, Nico discovers that his young niece is involved with drug-runners...
Catalyst11Nico busts a pusher at a motel/bar with his niece, also roughs up the bartender owner a little bit; pusher gives up a name for reduced charges: CARLOS ABODA, drug supplier
Debate12 - 23Nico debates whether to involve cops and Feds in 'family business' dealing with Aboda, or take it upon himself to clean up the streets.
Break Into Two24Hard-core covert ops operative and loner Nico chooses to involve the cops; Chicago's finest stake-out of suspected drug buy goes bad when Feds interfere with CPD bust; instead of drugs, military-grade explosives are recovered at bust; weapons dealer Salvano arrested
B Story27Nico's church infested by crime, vandalism, theft. Central American refugees hide-out in basement. An elder Priest and a Senator's aide are both killed in bomb blast at mass attended by Nico and his family... the bombing is the sudden event that drives Nico to do something about all the crime, drugs and violence in his neighborhood
Fun and Games30 - 50Nico connects the explosives used at the church bombing to explosives from busted bust; Nico bothers Feds about release of explosives/drugs smuggler, Salvano. Nico beats down thugs sent by Salvano to warn Nico off the case. Nico runs like a girl.
Midpoint50Nico warned off case by phone call from Nelson, Nico's ex-CIA partner. Nico wonders how a drug smuggler like Salvano got involved with military-weapons trade. A & B stories cross when Priest's Assistant is linked to Central American drugs/weapons deal, knows secrets of the operation.
Bad Guys Close In51 - 70Nico's home searched by Feds, who build a case based on leads by the motel/bar owner Nico had roughed up in search of his neice. Nico suspended from CPD, his wife pleads for him to let it go and move on past it for the safety of the family, including their new-born son.
All Is Lost70A & B stories-- and Nico's Past and Present troubles-- cross when the Priest's Assistant is found and tortured nearly to death by CIA enforcers, including Zagon. Zagon has been using Central American connections to continue covert drug and weapons trade similar to the Cambodian op...
Dark Night of the Soul71 - 77Nico and loyal cops find captive Priest's Assistant. Shoot-out leaves some thugs killed, cops injured, including Nico's partner Jacks. Nico rages.
Break into Three78Nico packs up his wife and infant son, sends them out of town. Nico decides to take down CIA enforcer squad himself before they can assassinate a hard-case Senator gunning for the smugglers and those inside the government who are aiding them.
Finale78 - 96Nelson meets Nico staking out the final hit, again warns Nico off. Nico refuses to back down, taken to Enforcer leader Zagon to be tortured and killed. Nico fights back, kills Zagon and his crew, saves the Senator and secures his own family.
Final Image99Nico testifies in grand jury hearing against CIA involvement in covert criminal activities, preaches that no one is above the law.
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